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Jollychic Makes In-kind Donations To ‘Ensan’—Saudi Gazette

2018 / 06 / 18

In a social gesture embodying the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, Saudi Arabia’s Jollychic, the leading mobile e-commerce platform, offered in-kind donations, including clothes and toys to orphaned kids at the Charitable Society for the Care of Orphans (Ensan).

Jollychic’s Administrative & Human Resources Manager in KSA Suliman AlFawaz said the company is honored in adopting this initiative which embodies the human and social cohesion and strengthens the emotional bonds by drawing a smile on the children’s faces.

AlFawaz confirmed that this initiative is an important part of Jollychic’s social responsibility program launched this year. At the same time, it aims to enhance the spirit of giving among JollyChic’s team members.

Meanwhile, Ensan’s marketing and partnerships manager Tariq Aleshaiwi said, “We are delighted with this social initiative which was adopted by Jollychic. This will bring joy to our children during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr.”

“We are keen on cooperating with all stakeholders to achieve our main objectives in supporting orphans in the Riyadh region and gaining the donors’ trust. I would like also to thank all those who donated and supported this important segment. We look forward to further the cooperation in the future,” he added.

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